The Bella Terra Difference

Whether you’re recovering from a hip or knee replacement, or other orthopedic surgery, you can count on the experienced staff at Bella Terra to provide you with an individualized care plan that will have you back to your everyday activities as quickly as possible.

Working closely with our guests and their physicians, our physical and occupational therapists create an intensive rehabilitation plan designed to meet the specific needs of each individual guest. Our physiatrist and physical medicine doctors regularly consult with the rest of our therapy team to assess each guest’s recovery and treatment goals.

Helping to Regain Your Strength and Independence

Short Term RehabOur primary goal is to help guests recover their strength and restore their confidence and independence. Our comprehensive and therapeutic approach to post-hospital rehabilitation is specifically designed to help reduce their pain, improve their living skills, and enjoy greater functionality overall.

We offer the area’s highest patient-to-therapist ratio, along with two gyms, one focused on cardio and pulmonary rehab, the other on specialized restorative therapy 7-days a week. This comprehensive approach to physical rehabilitation and therapy often allows our guests to return home in as little as 7 days.

Enriching The Lives Of Our Residential Guests

For our guests who don’t require physical and occupational therapies, our team has designed specialized programs to help them maintain their strength and endurance. Our goal is to ensure that our guests can go about their acts of daily living as independently and efficiently as possible.